Alkaline - AΑΑ

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AΑΑ - <strong>Type</strong> : Battery LR03


Type : Battery LR03

Εxcell Alkaline is a battery with an outstanding performance due to its structure, process and material innovation. This type of battery offers a good value for money through the long-lasting power.


Toys Wireless Mouse
Remote Controls Wirelless Keyboard
Radio Portable Electronics
Calculator Cameras
Flashlight Clocks


ΕΧCELL Battery Size AAΑ
Reference IEC LR03
Diameter (mm) 10,5
Height (mm) 44,5
Nominal Voltage 1,5V
Barcode 6 901826888343


Test condition Cut-off Duration
75 Ω 4h/d 0.9V 68.0h
10 Ω 1h/d 0.9V 7.8h
5.1 Ω 4m/h,8h/d 0.9V 3.6h
24 Ω 15s/min 8h/d 1.0V 14.5h
3.6 Ω 15s/min
0.9V 550 cycle
10 Ω 24h/d 0.9V 7.2h
20 Ω 24h/d 0.9V 17.0h