Alkaline - C

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C - <strong>Type</strong> : Battery LR14


Type : Battery LR14

Εxcell Alkaline is a battery with an outstanding performance due to its structure, process and material innovation. This type of battery offers a good value for money through the long-lasting power.


Toys Wireless Mouse
Remote Controls Wirelless Keyboard
Radio Portable Electronics
Calculator Cameras
Flashlight Clocks


ΕΧCELL Battery Size C
Reference IEC LR14
Diameter (mm) 26,2
Height (mm) 50
Nominal Voltage 1,5V
Barcode 6 901826888022


Test condition Cut-off Duration
20 Ω 4h/d 0.9V 102.0h
6.8 Ω 1h/d 0.9V 30.0h
3.9 Ω 1h/d 0.8V 17.5h
3.9 Ω 4m/h,8h/d 0.9V 17.0h
3.9 Ω 24h/d 0.9V 17.0h
6.8 Ω 24h/d 0.9V 33.0h