Environmental sustainability

EXCELL believes that, only by consistently producing high quality products that serve your needs can we build a a reliable and long lasting relationship with you. We never stop innovating and coming up with compelling power solutions that are both eco-friendly and cost-efficient: to enrich our daily experiences and improve our living standard as a whole.

We equally care about our environment. Without a healthy and sustainable environment, it would be hard for any business to survive, let alone thrive. Therefore, environmental concern is and will always be one of our top priorities.

To ensure the quality of our products and to comply with the social compliance requirements, we have attained the following certificates of international standards:

  • Environmental Management System ISO14001
  • Quality Management System ISO9001

Our products

EXCELL being eco-conscious, it has steped forward since many years to eliminate heavy metals from batteries, while improving performance.

Already in the late 90s, EXCELL removed mercury and cadmium from all household batteries (AAA, AA, C, D and 9V), introducing the first battery with no mercury or cadmium added.

EXCELL is also engaged in the collection, handling and recycling of used batteries. In Greece our company is a member of the Batteries Recycling Company (AFIS SA) according to the European directive.

Our packaging

EXCELL’s primary and secondary packaging uses 100% recyclable cardboard, in an effort to eliminate waste and inks used for printing do not contain any heavy metals.

Production process

The EXCELL continues to reduce its environmental footprint of the production process. We have acted proactively in changing production processes, applying the so-called "secure and closed manufacturing environment” to minimize our impact on the communities in which we operate, including measures to reduce waste and outgoing waste in landfills.